What Are Some Popular Types of John Deere Tractors?

What Are Some Popular Types of John Deere Tractors?

Popular types of John Deere tractors include row-crop, specialty and compact utility. Deere's E series tractors, the 9 Family four-wheel drive track and 1 Family sub-compact tractors are also customer favorites.

John Deere's row-crop tractors are specifically designed to tend to crops that best grow in rows, such as corn or beets. They come with narrow front ends that can navigate between the rows. The rear wheels are adjustable to match the terrain being cultivated.

Specialty tractors are designed with the consumer's needs in mind. Attachments such as lifts and plows are available to customize the tractors.

Compact utility tractors are used for loading, tilling soil or simply mowing grass. They fit well in small spaces and can be used by both homeowners or professional landscapers. These tractors have two pedal transmissions, comfortable cabs and high powered engines.

9 Family tractors have high horsepower, comfortable cabs and advanced undercarriages that contain four-track drive systems. Their engines yield between 470 to 620 horsepower. 9 Family tractors exhibit peak performance rates even under the harshest field conditions.

1 Family sub-compact tractors come equipped with three-cylinder engines capable of 22.4 horsepower. They are relatively small in size and boast power steering and foot pedal hydrostatic drives. The tractors are popular with homeowners and government municipalities responsible for their own landscape care.