What Are Some Popular Truck Bed Accessories?


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Some popular truck bed accessories include bed mats, rear ladder racks, side bed and front bed caps, and side rails. Tailgate protectors are also available, which are designed to help protecting the entire inside tailgate area.

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Truck owners use bed mats to protect their bed floor surface from scratches, dents or fuel spills. Bed mats come in different sizes and materials, including rubber and carpet, and are helpful to avoid damages due to cargo shifting or moving in the truck bed. Rear ladder racks are made of strong and durable materials and are used to transport large items such as bicycles, canoes and kayaks. Tie-down anchors can also be used to create extra anchor points when attaching large items to the bed. Customers can install these small but sturdy metal anchors in different locations of the bed truck, depending on their needs.

Side bed caps are used to protect the top rails of the bed, while front bed caps are used to protect the top edge of the truck's bed. Some people also buy these accessories to improve the overall look of the vehicle. Side rails are truck accessories that people use as an extra support handle when accessing the truck bed or to secure tie-down straps when transporting heavy cargo.

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