What Are Some Popular SUV Crossovers?


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As of 2015, some of the best SUV crossovers in the United States include the Nissan Juke, BMW X1, Audi Q5, Hyundai Santa Fe Sport and Jeep Cherokee. Other models include the Acura MDX and the Land Rover Range Rover, according to Car and Driver. These crossovers range from subcompact standard crossovers to luxury full-size crossovers.

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The Nissan Juke is a subcompact crossover that averages 32 mpg highway, with a low-end price tag of $21,075. The BMW X1 is a small luxury crossover, with a roomy interior and a turbo 2.0-liter engine. This crossover has a manufacturer's suggested retail price of $32,195. The Audi Q5 is also a small hybrid crossover, with all-wheel drive and a standard eight-speed automatic. It is considered a luxury crossover, and it is priced at $40,225. The Hyundai Santa Fe Sport is a small, five-passenger crossover with a 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine and standard front-wheel drive. The crossover averages around $25,845.

The Jeep Cherokee is a solid compact crossover, with a V6 engine and a nine-speed automatic for highway driving. The 2015 Jeep Cherokee has a starting price of $26, 090. The Acura MDX is a midsize luxury crossover, with optional all-wheel drive and a price tag of $43,785. A popular full-size crossover is the Land Rover Range Rover, a high-end luxury crossover featuring a 254-horsepower, turbo-diesel V-6 engine, and is priced at $87,445.

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