What Are Some Popular Snowmobile Trails?

What Are Some Popular Snowmobile Trails?

Popular snowmobile trails include trails in Yellowstone National Park and the nearby Gallatin and Targhee National Forests. In other states, the Ephraim Canyon Trail and the Manti Canyon Trail attract snowmobile riders in Utah and a number of Colorado ski resorts such as Breckenridge and Steamboat Springs offer groomed trails for snowmobile enthusiasts.

Yellowstone National Park provides snowmobile trails, and snowmobiles entering the Park must meet standards for noise and emissions. More than 500 miles of snow mobile trails extend beyond Yellowstone in the Gallatin and Targhee National Forests. Snowmobile riders to Yellowstone need a park pass and an operator's license.

In Utah, a popular snowmobile trail is the Ephraim Canyon Trail that runs near Ephraim Canyon. This trail is not steep and many snowmobile riders say that the trail is predictable for enjoyable, comfortable riding. Groomed ends provide easy access to this trail. Trail managers warn guests to watch for deer.

Manti Canyon Trail in Utah also provides riders breathtaking views and groomed ends. The trail provides fast access to the Wasatch Plateau. Trail managers warn that riders should take precautions for avalanche concerns and should avoid riding this trail alone.

In Colorado, Steamboat Springs carefully plans its snowmobile trails to provide exciting riding within the confines of a controlled ski resort. Steamboat offers terrain at a variety of skill levels. Some of the snowmobile area lies near pines while other areas have few trees so that riders safely travel at top speeds. Similarly, Breckenridge offers groomed trails for snowmobile riders. Some of Breckenridge's trails do not allow vehicular access for an improved rider experience.