What Are Some Popular RVs Capable of Towing Vehicles?

RVs capable of towing vehicles fall under the classifications of Class A or Class C, such the Winnebago Via, the Airstream A-Series or the Itasca Spirit. When determining if an RV is capable of towing a vehicle, it is important to check that the vehicle's weight is within the RV's weight rating.

Important weight values used when determining if an RV can tow a vehicle are the gross axle weight rating, the gross vehicle weight rating and the weight rating of the RV's trailer hitch. An RV's specific weight tolerances are found in the owner's manual in a section typically called "Recreational Towing." Tow-capable RVs are usually rated for towing 4,000 to 6,000 pounds of weight.

Class A RVs are built on stripped-down truck frames and look like buses. Class A vehicles are recognizable by having connected driving and living compartments. Some popular Class A RVs are the Coachman Encounter, the Winnebago Adventurer and the Fleetwood Pace Arrow.

Class C RVs are known as mini motor homes and are built on stripped-down truck or van frames. They are distinguishable from Class A RVs by the cab being separated from the living space and a bed compartment that extends over the cab. Popular Class C RVs include the Winnebago Trend, the Thor Fourwinds and the Coachman Freelander.