What Are Some Popular Rear View Mirror Ornaments?


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Amazon.com's top-selling car rear-view mirror ornaments as of November 2015 include the classic fuzzy dice; religious ornaments, such as a cross or Buddha; western-themed ornaments, such as a cowgirl or boot and hat charms; air fresheners and a crystal chandelier. Esty.com features crystals, dream catchers, charms and crosses.

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An important consideration for rear-view mirror decoration is whether the item is legal in a particular state. For example, in Michigan, anything hanging from a rear-view mirror is illegal, a law that was upheld in state court in 2009. Connecticut courts, however, in 2010 decided that rear-view mirror decorations were legal. In the Washington, D.C. area, the laws ban objects that obstruct the driver's view, with the determination up to the law enforcement officer. As noted in the Connecticut case, the vague law provides a means to pull over drivers when there is no other probable cause.

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