What Are Popular Models of Old Jeeps for Sale?


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The most popular model of pre-owned Jeep is the Grand Cherokee, followed by the Wrangler and Wrangler Unlimited, according to Cars.com. Among classic models, the most common are CJ, CJ-5 and CJ-7.

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All modern Jeeps directly descended from wartime vehicles developed and manufactured in 1941 exclusively for U.S. and Allied forces in World War II. They became available for civilian use as early as 1945, in form of the CJ-2A, the first widely available Jeep in the United States. That Jeep model, the CJ, or Civilian Jeep, served as the model for the Wrangler and Cherokee models to come, according to Heritage Region Jeep Alliance. Jeep remains a major figure in the American industry, and Jeeps are a mainstay on American roadways, as of 2015.

In 1987, Jeep was acquired by Chrysler. In 1998, Chrysler merged with Daimler Auto Group, a company based in Stuttgart, Germany, bringing the vehicle originally manufactured for war with the Germans under German control. Since 2009, Jeep has been part of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, a multinational company with financial headquarters in London, England. This was partially a result of the Federal bailout of American automakers including Chrysler; Chrysler alone received $1.3 billion in Federal relief loans.

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