What Are Popular Model Years for Used 5.0 V8 Mustangs?


The most popular years for used 5.0 Ford Mustangs as of 2015 are the 1987 through 1993 and 2010 through 2015 model years. Engines with 5-liter displacement were used in models during both these time periods, notably in the Mustang GT and the 1993 SVT Cobra models.

The 5.0 engine in Ford Mustangs bearing the 5.0 badge is in fact a 4.9-liter engine, but the original 5.0 Mustangs built from 1987 to 1993 were popular enough with Mustang fans and aftermarket tuners that the badge was retained for the modern Mustang GT engine. The 2011 and later 5.0 engine is more powerful than the 1980s model, producing 411 peak horsepower as compared to the older engine's 225 horsepower.