What Are Some Popular Gas-Powered Mini Choppers?


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Four popular models of gas-powered mini choppers are the Chrome Cruiser, the Flash Gradon, the Dragonfly Mini Motorcycle and the New Dream Chopper Motorcycle. These vehicles range from smaller 43cc two-stroke models to 3/4-size four-stroke models with engine displacement of 250cc or more.

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The Chrome Cruiser features a 49cc engine available in 3.4 horsepower two-stroke or 4.5 horsepower four-stroke versions. Both the Flash Gradon and Dragonfly Mini Motorcycle contain 125cc four-stroke engines and semi-automatic clutchless transmissions. The New Dream Chopper Motorcycle sports a 19 horsepower 250cc four-stroke engine and five-speed manual transmission. All of these models are available in the buyer's chosen paint color, with the exception of the Chrome Cruiser, which is always in polished chrome.

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