What Are Some Popular Ford Ranger Accessories?

What Are Some Popular Ford Ranger Accessories?

The bestselling accessories for the 2011 Ford Ranger on the website Accessories.Ford.com are the ash cup/coin holder, bed hooks, interior light kit, wheel locks and floor mats. Other popular Ranger accessories include the road assistance kit, trailer hitch and bumper-mounted warning sensors by Rosen. The 2011 model year was the final production year for the Ranger, which Ford first manufactured for the 1983 model year.

The ash cup/coin holder has a lid and fits into the cupholder to hold ashes or spare change. The holder is made from thermoplastic and may be removed for cleaning. A second version of the ash cup includes a lighter element.

Bed hooks provide drivers a point to tie-down cargo securely. The hooks pop up when needed and retract when owners want them out of the way. The hooks come in sets of two and are available in black or polished stainless steel finish.

The interior light kit consists of an LED light for the cupholder space and two more for the front wheel well areas. Users can choose from seven different lighting color options.

Wheel locks include a key and four locks, one for each wheel to help prevent theft. The lugs are chrome-plated to match the exposed wheel finish.

Floor mats come in sets of two and are made from all-weather thermoplastic rubber. The mats have molded grooves and ridges to hold snow, slush and mud, and the backing and driver-side positive retention help keep mats in place.