What Are Some Popular Dupli-Color Spray Paint Colors?


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There are many Dupli-Color spray paint colors, but some of the most popular ones as of 2015 include candy apple red, metallic silver, Pontiac blue metallic and fleet white. The best choice depends on which type of paint your specific job requires, states Dupli-Color Paints.

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Dupli-Color provides 3 varieties of black for touch up jobs and also has exact-match colors for 10 different models of cars. Other popular paints are candy colors such as candy apple red, candy apple green and candy orange. Some examples of popular base coats are jet black, metallic silver, championship white, performance red, deep metallic blue, and sublime green pearl.

Dupli-Color also offers a large variety of colors for engines, many designed specifically for the model of the vehicle. A few popular examples are: Ford blue and red, Chevrolet blue and orange-red, Pontiac blue metallic, and Chrysler green, red and hemi-orange. A few popular Dupli-color fleet colors are gloss black, fleet white, fleet red and stainless steel. Other paints that are offered by Dupli-color are for jobs such as painting trim, calipers, vinyl, fabric, trunk spatter, and truck beds. These come in a variety of colors, and a few popular ones are red, yellow, silver, aqua, white and black. Finally, Dupli-color presents black, white, red and blue for car art, as well as several automotive metallic paints.

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