What Are Some Popular Dupli-Color Paints?

What Are Some Popular Dupli-Color Paints?

Some of Dupli-Color’s most popular automotive paints include Carbon Fiber, Mirage Color-Shifting and Scratch Fix-All-in-One Exact Match Touch Up. Popular products for accessories are Metallic Paint, Tire Paint and Trim & Bumper Paint.

The Carbon Fiber Automotive Paint kit consists of two cans: a Graphite Metallic Base Coat and a Black Top Coat combined with Dimensional Effex Template. This two-step paint kit can be used on any metal or plastic surface to create a carbon fiber finish that does not fade, nick or chip.

Dupli-Color Mirage Color-Shifting automotive paint changes color depending on what angle a person looks at it. It can be applied on plastic, aluminum or steel surfaces in a three-step base-coat, mid-coat and top-coat process. It is UV-resistant and dries quickly.

The Scratch Fix-All-In-One Exact Match Touch Up paint comes in a handy tool for DIY scratch fixing. It has an abrasive pen tip and brush to prepare the spot. Use the tool to dispense exact color paint with a top coat for a factory finish on the scratched surface.

Dupli-Color Metallic Paint comes in durable Chrome or Gold high gloss finishes. It is mostly used on accessories such as bumpers and grills.

Tire Paint is created with Shine-Last Technology. It bonds to the tires’ rubber for great all weather performance.

Dupli-Color Trim & Bumper Paint is made with Fade-X Technology to restore and maintain the factory finish of a car’s trim and bumper.