What Are the Some of the Most Popular Cars?

Some of the most popular cars include the Ford F-Series, Toyota Corolla, Volkswagen Golf, Honda Civic and Honda Accord. The cars have different characteristics that make them popular.

Since its existence, the Ford F-Series has sold about 30 million units. For 23 years, the Ford F-Series was the best-selling car, while the F-Series trucks topped the list for 31 years.

As of 2015, Toyota Corolla has sold more than 32 million units. According to Car Insurance Comparison, the company sells a unit every 40 seconds. To meet the demand of its customers across the world, the company has manufacturing plants in 16 countries.

Manufactured in Germany, the Volkswagen Golf replaced the Beetle and has sold more than 25 million units from 1974 to date. The 2012 model has a sporty look and despite its higher price, it has impressed many car lovers.

Produced in Japan, the Honda Civic has sold more than 17 million units from 1972 to present. In 2010, the car made it to the list of the most stolen cars in the United States. The fact that people want to steal the car confirms its popularity. Car dealers recommend installing a good lock and alarm in the car.

For 15 years, the Honda Accord was the best-selling Japanese car in America. Since its existence in 1976, the car has sold more than 15 million units across the world, as of 2015.