What Are Some Popular Brands of Small Microwaves for Recreational Vehicles?


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Popular brands of small microwaves for recreational vehicles include Westinghouse and Wavebox. The Mediumwave microwave also receives good reviews.

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Westinghouse makes small microwaves that are suitable for use in a recreational vehicle, such as the WCM660B 600W countertop microwave oven, says Amazon.com. This popular microwave has over 200 customer reviews, most positive. Many reviewers left four or five stars. The Westinghouse brand microwave has six power levels, a 30-minute timer and a grip handle. One reviewer said it is "so easy to use" and "large enough to quickly heat up a dinner plate or fairly large bowl of food." Another said it "works great" and "looks nice." One said it is "simple" and quick to warm up food, even on the low settings. Many reviewers liked the controls.

The Wavebox brand microwave is highly rated by CNET. CNET recommends the Wavebox as a combined food storage receptacle and cooking device. It can plug into a vehicle's cigarette lighter for power.

The Mediumwave is another good brand of small microwave, according to Gizmodo. It is about the size of a dinner plate and has a removable dome lid to make it easy to stir food as it's being cooked. It's the "perfect accessory" for a commute.

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