What Are Some Popular Brands of Fuel Injector Cleaner?


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Popular brands of fuel injector cleaner include Lucas, Red Line, Royal Purple, Chevron and STA-BIL. These brands of fuel injector cleaner help to improve a vehicle's performance and provide an inexpensive way to solve basic vehicle problems such as stalling, hard starting and low gas mileage.

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Chevron Techron Concentrate Plus is one of the most popular fuel injector cleaners on the market for reducing costs associated with maintenance. This cleaner has the ability to eliminate rough idle and it improves performance of other engine parts. Techron Concentrate Plus increases gas mileage by 10 percent, though the recommended amount on the bottle is not to be exceeded as the cleaner can damage the plastic around the fuel line.

Royal Purple Max Clean works quickly and allows the driver to notice the difference after travelling a short distance. This cleaner can increase the vehicle's fuel mileage by 1 mile per gallon. Royal Purple is slightly more expensive than other brands and is thus recommended for high-end and high-performance vehicles.

Red Line SI-1 is inexpensive and improves both performance and gas mileage. The bottle design lacks the long tip required for easy pouring, though the cleaner may be added through a narrow funnel.

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