What Are Some Popular Boat Paint Colors?

What Are Some Popular Boat Paint Colors?

Some popular boat paint colors are white for the top side, black for the boot top and True Blue for the bottom side or as the anti-foul paint. Choose the paint color to use depending on the climate of the region you'll be sailing; for example, a black hull is not suitable for hot climates due to heat retention.

When choosing a color for the top side, two-part polyurethane based paints are generally used. They are abrasion resistant, hard and retain gloss better. Some popular brands are Imron and Alwgrip, and only a professional should apply these because of their toxicity. However, two-part polyurethanes from Interlux, are safer and can be applied by boat owners.

For the bottom side, you should choose between hard, ablative or self-polishing paint types. Hard paints are best for painting over an aluminum haul and are also used on high-speed boats and racing sailboats to produce drag due to their hardness. The Interlux Trilux paint series is a good example of such paints. Ablative paints are much softer and wear easily, but boats with this type of paint are easily hauled and relaunched without the need for a recoat.

Self-polishing paints are more suitable for boats used in freshwater, and with this kind of paint, it's easy to store your boat out of the water with no need for recoating when relaunched. A good example is Micron 66.

For the boot top, one-part polyurethanes are used, which make it easier to clean the scum line.