What Are Popular 1980 Model Pickup Trucks for Sale?


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The most popular 1980 model pickup trucks for sale are the 1980 Chevrolet C-10 and 1980 Ford F-150, based on listings at Cars.Oodle.com. Of all 1980 truck listings, the C-10 and F-150 are the only models with five or more unique listings, as of April 2015.

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The most popular makes of 1980 trucks are Chevrolet, Ford, GMC, Jeep and Dodge based on Cars.Oodle.com listings. Chevrolet is the most popular brand of 1980 truck still available, making up 16 of the site's 44 listings for the year.

Other 1980 models with at least two unique listings available include the Jeep CJ-7, GMC 2500 and Toyota Land Cruiser.

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