How Do You Polish a Car?


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To polish your car, make sure it is clean and dry. Find a shady place to park it, apply a layer of car wax, and buff the car until it the desired shine is achieved. The difficulty level of this task varies depending on the tools you use.

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  1. Wash and dry your car

    Make sure that every painted surface of your car is completely clean and dry. Something as small as a grain of sand can damage your paint job during this process, so ensure all painted body surfaces are smooth.

  2. Find a shady spot

    Locate a shady spot, and park your car in the shade. Avoid polishing your car in the sun or you run the risk of it causing damage to your paint job.

  3. Apply car wax to a section

    Using a buffer or a wax pad, apply a layer of car wax to a section of the car. Never squirt liquid car wax directly onto the paint to avoid damage. Polish in sections to prevent the wax from drying on the paint.

  4. Buff the waxed section

    Using an electric buffer or a soft cloth, buff the waxed section of the car until the desired shine is achieved. If using a soft cloth, buff using circular hand motions.

  5. Repeat the process

    Repeat the process until the entire car is polished.

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