How Do You Find Police Impound Car Auctions?


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Police impound cars are often auctioned off, and these sales can be found at Gov-Auctions.org. Joining government auction forums is also a good way to find more obscure police impound auctions.

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How Do You Find Police Impound Car Auctions?
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Government auctions usually have a large variety of options to choose from, and most are two to three years old and well maintained. Some people get lucky and find affordable cars that are less than a year old. Active car forums are also a great way to find auctions, and for those who contribute positively to the forums have the best chance on finding great auction deals on barely used vehicles. In addition to using forums, websites and phone calls, many auctions and police impound opportunities are found in local newspaper classified ads.

Police departments confiscate cars and keep them in impound lots and towing yards. A call to the local police department can typically give interested parties an idea of what types of cars are available. It is important to keep in mind that many of these cars have not received proper maintenance, and some of them may not run. In addition, some of these vehicles have been in impound for many years. Locating a suitable car can be a time consuming process, because the prospective buyer may need to travel to a number of towing lots before finding the right car.

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