What Are Plane Mirrors Used For?

Plane mirrors are used in kaleidoscopes, microscopes, periscopes, SLR cameras, overhead projectors, car wing mirrors, looking mirrors, wall mirrors and dressing mirrors among others. They are most suitably used when a person needs an accurate representation of an object. They provide a reflection that is an actual proportionate size of an object, which makes them useful for scrutinizing an object’s attributes.

Plane mirrors are commonly used in households and various industries. Along with concave mirrors, they are used in telescopes to help magnify distant objects. Space telescopes and large telescopes found in observatories consist of huge plane and concave mirrors. Plane mirrors are also useful in interior design and architecture because they make a room appear bigger than its actual size. Large plane mirrors are common in gyms, dressing rooms and places where viewing an entire body is necessary. They help people perform proper techniques when exercising or dancing. Architects sometimes use plane mirrors in entrance ways and lobbies to make rooms look bigger and less crowded.

Plane mirrors are flat, and they reflect a virtual image of an object. The images they produce are upright, the same distance from the mirror as the object appears to be and the same size as the object. No light is generated from behind the mirror. Additionally, the images that a plane mirror creates are reversed from left to right.