What Places Sell Used Cars?


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Websites such as Autotrader.com and CarGurus.com allow users to search for nearby used car dealers. Used cars are also sold online and in-person through specialty used car dealers such as CarFax. Auction sites such as eBay and classifieds sites such as Craigslist also maintain listings for privately sold used cars.

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To locate a nearby used car dealer on Autotrader.com, users first choose a ZIP Code and search radius in which to conduct the search. The user also needs to choose other information about the type of used car for that she is looking for, such as its make, model, price range and other specific features. The site displays its search results as listings that include a picture of the vehicle, a description of its condition and details about the dealer. If the user is interested in purchasing one of these cars, she needs to contact the dealer through the provided information to make specific arrangements.

An individual using Craigslist to locate a used car first conducts a search in a specific geographic location, which is ideally the city in which she lives. Craigslist does not work with buyer or sellers on any part of the sale, so it is up to the buyer to initiate contact and make all necessary arrangements.

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