What Are Some Places That Buy Used Tires?

Used tires can be purchased from national tire retailers, such as Big O Tires, as well as from local tire and automotive stores. Online auctions websites, such as eBay, also sell used tires.

There are several factors to consider when purchasing used tires, including the condition of the tire and the type of vehicle for which the tire is intended. All tires are created to withstand a certain amount of load, which is the pressure placed on it by the vehicle and anything inside of it. If an individual accidentally purchases a used tire that has a maximum load rating below what the vehicle produces, the tire can rupture while driving and result in an accident or damage to the car. Load ratings are displayed as a series of numbers on the side of the tire.

The condition of the tire is also very important, because a used tire in poor condition is likely to result in more costs for the buyer further down the line. The integrity of the tire and the traction are key factors in determining the condition of a used tire. Traction in particular is very important, because tires with worn traction do not hold onto the road well, leading to loss of control.