What Are Some Places to Buy Kitfox Airplane Kits?


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Kitfox airplane kits are available directly from the manufacturer or from independent sellers with listings on aviation classified ad websites, including Barnstormers.com and Trade-a-Plane.com, as of 2016. Kitfox Aircraft typically has all of the newest model Kitfox airplane kits available, while selection varies on the aviation classified sites depending on current listings. The aviation classified sites may have new or older kit models as well as parts, supplies, partially constructed kits or fully constructed Kitfox airplanes.

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Kitfox Aircraft sells its Kitfox S7 Super Sport and the Kitfox Classic IV kits. The S7 Super Sport is typically in stock, while the Classic IV requires special order.

The Series 7 Super Sport is the largest, highest-load capacity and fastest kit airplane the company has ever made, with 150-pound cargo capacity, a 27-gallon fuel tank and a useful load of up to 800 pounds. The aircraft can be equipped with several different engine types, including a Rotax turbo power, Continental, Lycoming or a Rotax seven-cylinder radial engine. When properly outfitted the Series 7 is now Sport Plane-compliant, which eliminates the pilot's need for a medical certificate from the Federal Aviation Administration.

The Classic IV has been the flagship Kitfox airplane kit for almost 30 years. The plane has folding wings, multiple engine options, cowlings and landing gear options.

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