How Do You Place a Listing With Trade-A-Plane?

How Do You Place a Listing With Trade-A-Plane?

To place a listing with Trade-A-Plane, visit, and click on the Sell link. Click on the listing type, and click on the pricing level. Create a seller account, write the listing, and upload photos. Proofread the listing on the Review page, and publish it.

Standard Trade-A-Plane listings require you to input your credit card information using an online form. This option is the fastest way to publish a listing; the website offers prompts to help you create the text and upload photos.

If you are not comfortable creating your own listing, or if you don't want to provide your credit card information over the Internet, choose the Basic Listing option. Fill out all of the form fields, and click the Submit Listing button. With this option, a Trade-A-Plane representative contacts you to create an ad and process payment.

Trade-A-Plane offers five different listing categories: aircraft, engines, parts/products, services/miscellaneous and real estate. Be sure to choose the correct category, as it determines where on the website your listing appears.

As of November 2015, Trade-A-Plane offers three different listing options. Standard listings include a 31-day ad, a spec sheet with 20 photos and three lines in three issues of the print edition of Trade-A-Plane. Each of the two higher listing categories includes additional photos and printed lines.