Where Is the Best Place to Buy a Used Truck?

place-buy-used-truck Credit: mattjeacock/E+/Getty Images

Good places to buy a used truck include a manufacture dealership or a private dealership. However, the best place to buy depends on the buyer's needs.

Commercial or manufacture dealerships that specialize primarily in one type of vehicle, such as a Toyota dealership, are often preferred when buying a used truck. Not only do they sell new trucks but their used trucks are typically certified preowned. This means the vehicle has gone through an inspection and often has a better warranty.

Independent or private dealerships are good option if financing is needed. They often have lower prices for their used trucks and do on-site financing, preventing the need to be approved by a bank. The risk is that the condition of the used truck is unknown if it is not certified. Private sellers are usually more willing to negotiate the price of the truck and are often the original owner of the truck, which helps.