Where Is the Best Place to Buy Used Motor Scooters?

The best place to buy used motor scooters may vary depending on the buyer's needs and locations, but generally a reputable scooter dealer is the safest place to purchase one. These scooters are likely to be in better repair and the dealer may be willing to offer a warranty or other guarantee of quality.

Private sellers may be less expensive than dealers, but there is no way for the buyer to know the scooter's history or how well it has been maintained. Scooters do not generally have a vehicle history report like cars and trucks do. Buyers who do work with a private seller should have the scooter inspected by an independent mechanic before purchase. One benefit of buying a privately owned scooter is that the previous owner may include other gear, such as saddlebags and covers. Buyers should never accept used helmets, however.

Dealers may have a wider selection available. They may also provide financing, although this is difficult to get for used scooters. A good dealer can help an inexperienced buyer choose the right scooter for his needs, and a dealer with a good reputation generally does everything they can to make sure their buyers are happy.

Although there are many websites that offer scooters for sale online, this is the riskiest way to buy them. There is no reliable way to research the scooter's history and so the buyer may end up with a vehicle in poor condition.