What Is Pick-a-Part Auto Wrecking?


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Pick-a-part auto wrecking generally refers to salvage yards that allow the customer to find and remove salvage parts directly from the cars. This is in contrast to full-service salvage yards that remove the part for the customer.

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Pick-a-part or you-pick yards are generally less expensive than full-service yards, but they can be intimidating to many people. They also require some automotive knowledge, the ability to recognize a good part and the ability to remove it without damaging it. For customers who do not think they can manage this, a full-service auto yard may be a better choice. These are still salvage yards, but the customer tells the employees what part is needed, and the employees remove it from the car and bring it to the customer.

Many you-pick yards advertise this by including it in their names. Some are simply called Pick A Part, while others use variations of the term. Auto-wrecking businesses with these kinds of names usually deal with the public and probably do not offer full service, although some may offer both. Pick-a-part yards can vary their content. Some focus on domestic cars, while others specialize in imports or rare cars. Some are less focused and take any car they come across.

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