How Do You Pick a Car Door Lock?

How Do You Pick a Car Door Lock?

Use a Slim Jim or a coat hanger to find the release lever inside the door and manipulate it to release the lever and open the door. Carefully remove the tool without damaging the weather stripping.

  1. Obtain a Slim Jim or coat hanger

    A Slim Jim is a specialized tool used to slip between the window and the car's weather stripping to engage the door latch. If you cannot obtain one, a coat hanger works, but it is more difficult to use.

  2. Push the tool into the door cavity

    Slide your tool under the window where it connects with the weather stripping and into the hollow body of the door. Align it so it is close with the interior door release lever. Feel around for the mechanism as its position may vary.

  3. Release the door lever

    The interior door lever may need to be pushed or pulled to activate the release depending on the model of vehicle. Work carefully to avoid damaging the mechanism, and apply pressure until the latch releases and the door opens.

  4. Remove the tool

    Once the door is open, unlock the other doors from the inside and close the door with the tool in it to keep it steady. Carefully slide the Slim Jim or coat hanger free from the door cavity, making sure to not snag it on the weather stripping around the window.