What Is a Phillips 66 Gas Card?


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Phillips 66 gas cards hold a balance that card owners can use to purchase fuel, and in some cases products, at Phillips 66 gas stations. These cards include personal and commercial fleet gas cards, gift cards and rewards cards for the Kickback Points program.

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Personal and commercial fleet gas cards allow customers to charge their fuel or product purchases to the card for future payment. Some may hold an outstanding balance in the same manner as gift cards, while others provide a credit limit for Phillips 66 purchases. Universal cards and those tied to other gas stations let users use their debit cards at stations owned by different companies.

Gift cards have a set balance that customers pay in full when purchasing the cards. Phillips 66 gift cards are reloadable, allowing customers to keep a balance on the cards and refill the amount available at local gas stations. Unlike personal or commercial fleet gas cards, these cards are transferable, and users can purchase them for friends and family. Members of the Kickback Points rewards card can also use their rewards points card as a gas card to purchase fuel and other products from Phillips 66 stations by spending accrued points.

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