How Do You Find Peterbilt Trucks for Sale by Owner?


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Find Peterbilt trucks for sale by owners on sites such as Craigslist, eBay, Commercial Truck Trader and Truck Hunter. The quality of information found on listings varies from site to site, but most of these sites contain tools for contacting sellers with questions or requests.

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In addition to saving money, purchasing a new or used Peterbilt truck from its owner ensures transparency. Dealers and auction houses obtain trucks through a variety of methods, some of which do not include the appropriate service records. Buying a truck from the owner is helpful because the owner is more likely to have service records available, since owners are typically required to keep their trucks registered. You also have the opportunity to ask the owner questions about the truck's usage and any special features or aspects of the truck a new owner should know about.

Even if the owner is available to provide background information about a Peterbilt truck, you should inspect the vehicle prior to committing to a purchase. Closely look at the interior and exterior of the truck for signs of rust or damage. In addition, you should drive the truck and inspect the engine to ensure the parts are working properly.

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