How Do You Get Personalized Florida License Plates?

How Do You Get Personalized Florida License Plates?

To get personalized license plates in Florida, check to see if the plate you want is available, submit an application, pay the fee, wait for approval and turn in your old license plates. No obscene or objectionable phrases or combinations of letters are allowed on personalized license plates in Florida.

  1. Confirm the availability of your desired plate

    Check at the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles website to see if the configuration of letters you want for your personalized plate is available. If you want to use a specialty license plate, make sure your chosen configuration of letters fits on the plate; some speciality plates can take seven letters, while others can only take five.

  2. Submit the application

    Fill out the application for your personalized license plate. Submit the application to the tax collector's office in your county, along with the fee, which is $15 as of 2014. An additional $15 fee is added to your vehicle registration each year that you maintain the personalized plate.

  3. Turn in your old license plates

    Wait for your application to be reviewed and approved, which takes about 45 days. If your application is approved, take your old license plates to the tax collector's office where you submitted your application, and trade them for your new plates.