How Does a Person Change a Headlight?


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Changing a modern headlight is a simple vehicle maintenance project that requires basic tools and a new headlight bulb that is compatible with the vehicle make and model. The cover of the headlight is removed, the old bulb unplugged, and the new bulb plugged into place before the cover is replaced. Having a vehicle manual nearby ensures an understanding of where all of the components are positioned for easy access.

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With the proper tools, changing a headlight is possible in a few steps.

  1. Identify the headlight that needs replacing
  2. Turn the car on and switch on the headlights, positioning them on a wall or other surface that clearly indicates which light is out. If this is being done in bright sunlight or where there is no such surface, get out of the vehicle and look at the headlights to determine which is out.
  3. Remove the headlight bezel
  4. Use a Philips head screwdriver or Torx tool to remove the screws around the headlight bezel, or cover. Hold this cover carefully until all of the screws are removed to prevent it from falling and breaking.
  5. Replace the bulb
  6. After removing the old bulb, inspect the connector socket and wires for wear, and clean the socket if needed. Push the connector prongs into the new headlamp and insert it into place. Replace the bezel and screws to complete the project.
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