How Do You Get Your Permit?

How Do You Get Your Permit?

To receive a driver's permit, apply at your local Department of Motor Vehicles office and take a written test. Requirements and restrictions vary within each state. For instance, you are required to be 16 years old in New York state.

  1. Research your state requirements

    Each state may have a variation on the requirements for a driver's permit. The DMV website allows you to select your state and view its specific permit requirements.

  2. Apply for a learner's permit

    First, be sure you are of the appropriate age to apply. Then visit your local DMV office to apply for a driver's permit. You are required to bring proof of identity, such as a birth certificate, passport or a certificate of citizenship, as well as your Social Security card. Next, fill out the DMV application, and have your parent or guardian sign the application where stated. You may then take a vision test.

  3. Pass the written exam

    The permit test is often based on information regarding state traffic laws, recognizing and understanding road signs, safe-driving techniques and vehicle restrictions. As of 2014, certain states, such as New York, exempt you from taking a written test if you submit a Driver's Education Certificate with your application.