What Are Some Performance-Oriented Benefits of Using XDP Diesel Power's Products?


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Some performance-oriented benefits of using XDP Diesel Power's products include cleaning the fuel injector system, totally dispersing water, and prevention of premature fuel pump failure. Others include stabilizing fuel and an increased engine Cetane level.

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XDP Diesel Power's products improve the performance of the fuel injector system. Water in fuel damages injectors, harbors microbes, creates gum and varnish, and interferes with the performance of the fuel combustion system. XDP Diesel Power's products absorbs water from fuel, which stabilizes fuel combustion. It has a unique formulation that totally disperses extra water making the fuel injector system clear.

The products have a higher Cetane number, which eradicates ignition delays. Diesel engines run well with higher cetane levels, giving more time to complete the fuel combustion process. Cetane improvement also leads to smoother idling and acceleration and improved powering. Products have corrosion inhibitors that protects the fuel injection part. It has anti-oxidants that maintain potency of fuel by fighting the formation of rust and corrosion.

XDP Diesel Power's products contain chemical formulations that prevent formulation of algae and bacteria. This is due to elimination of water, which harbors fungi and microbes. These components prevent the buildup of sludge which reduces emissions during combustion. They contain lubricants that coat the internal parts of the fuel system, allowing for less friction and better fuel flow. The products have fuel stabilizers that prevent deposit formation in the fuel.

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