How Do You Perform Minor Repairs on Your Boat Motor?


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Performing minor repairs on a boat motor include removing a damaged boat propeller or water pump and replacing it with a new model. Fixing a dinged propeller is another minor repair.

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To change a boat propeller, mark the position of the old propeller and propeller shaft, and loosen the nut holding the old propeller in place. Pull the propeller off the shaft, and check the shaft and key way for damage. Slide the new propeller into place, and use a wrench to secure the nut.

It is not always necessary to replace the boat propeller. To fix a bend or ding, affix the jaws of an adjustable wrench next to the damaged area. Close the jaws of another wrench on the ding itself, and apply pressure to the bent area. Keep slowly applying pressure until the ding is straight.

Another minor repair is replacing the water pump. Loosen all the bolts that connect the pump to the exterior house, and remove the linkage. Use an oxyacetylene torch to heat the parting line, and remove it. Remove the brass pins from the housing, attach the new brass pins, and use the torch to weld the new parting line. Use a wrench to re-attach the hardware. Grease all the moving parts before assembling the housing.

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