How Do You Perform a Kawasaki VIN Number Search?

To perform a Kawasaki VIN search, type the Kawasaki VIN into an online decoder, such as VINDecoder.EU, under Kawasaki. Although the website corresponds to the European Union, there is a U.S.-centric version in English. Click the American flag to access it.

The Kawasaki VIN decoder at VINDecoder.EU is free, so a query results in the most basic information associated with a particular VIN, such as the motorcycle's year, make and model. Kawasaki motorcycle VINs are typically 17 characters long and stamped into the steering neck.

The breakdown of the Kawasaki motorcycle VIN follows a standard pattern. The first character denotes the geographical location where the motorcycle was built. The second and third characters indicate the manufacturer. The fourth through eighth characters are the motorcycle's portrait, its brand, engine size and type. Characters nine through 17 encompass information about the motorcycle's model year, plant of assembly, serial numbers and whether the manufacturer has authorized the VIN. also features a free Kawasaki VIN search and decoder. Again, free VIN reports are usually very sparse on details about a given vehicle. Click VIN Decoder at, and enter the VIN into the decoder field to retrieve any available free information.

At you can order a Kawasaki motorcycle VIN report for about $25. A full motorcycle VIN report includes the last recorded odometer, any history of damage or accidents, manufacturer's specifications and recall history. Click Vehicle History Reports under Buying And Selling, and then click Motorcycle VIN check under Older Vehicles VINs & Vehicle History. Enter the VIN, and click Search to begin.