How Do You Perform an Auto Windshield Replacement?

How Do You Perform an Auto Windshield Replacement?

To perform an auto windshield replacement, remove the rubber gasket, push the windshield out of the frame, set the new windshield and gasket into the frame, and wipe the frame with a damp cloth. This one-hour procedure requires gloves, a screwdriver, a utility knife, a damp cloth, sealant and a brush.

  1. Prepare the vehicle

    Detach the windshield wipers, side mirrors, rear-view mirror and other removable components near the windshield.

  2. Remove the old windshield and rubber gasket

    Put on protective gloves. Slit one corner of the gasket with a utility knife. Insert the tip of a flat-head screwdriver between the gasket and the windshield, and pry the gasket away. Push on the windshield from inside the vehicle, then lift it out of the frame.

  3. Clean the frame

    Run a damp rag around the windshield frame to remove any dirt and debris.

  4. Attach the new gasket to the new windshield

    Stretch the new gasket around the new windshield. The inside of the gasket must fit snugly around the glass.

  5. Seal the gasket

    Brush sealant over the gasket exterior, and set the windshield into the vehicle frame. Press down on the edges to encourage a strong seal between the gasket and the vehicle.

  6. Wipe the rim

    Run a damp cloth around the gasket and windshield frame to remove excess sealant.

  7. Replace the mirrors

    Replace the mirrors, windshield wipers and any other components you removed prior to beginning the repair.