Why Do People Fill Tires With Nitrogen?


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People fill tires with nitrogen for several reasons, including less wheel corrosion and a lower rate of pressure loss. Since nitrogen gas doesn't carry impurities and is non-reactive, it is considered safer, as it reduces risks such as fire hazards and explosions.

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Nitrogen does not contain impurities, unlike regular or compressed air, with moisture that expands and contracts depending on temperature changes. Nitrogen in tires prevents oxidation in metallic wheels. It also protects the rubber from becoming brittle, leading to cracks and rapid wear and tear. Tires filled with nitrogen remain properly inflated for longer, saving car owners fuel and maintenance costs.

Nitrogen molecules are larger than oxygen molecules in structure, and this makes it difficult for the components to escape through tire side walls. With better tires and optimal pressure levels, it is easier to brake and handle vehicles on most surfaces. Nitrogen is used to fill tires for race cars and airplanes, as it eliminates moisture and helps reduce tire temperature when operating in extreme conditions.

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