How Do People Who Buy Old Tires Make Money From Them?


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One of the ways to make money after buying old tires is by selling them to a retreading shop. Another way is to sell the tires directly through auction sites, such as eBay, or specialty tire sites, such as SellMyTires.com.

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The idea behind a tire reselling business is to meet the different demands for used tires, either by other businesses or by consumers. For example, tire retreading shops take old and used tires and recondition them, either by repairing holes or taking parts of the tire for use with other tires. These shops need to maintain a supply of tires and are willing to pay individuals for them. Most shops pay a flat rate for standard car tires, due to their general availability, while many pay a higher price for truck tires and other types of large tires.

Auction site eBay allows users to sell directly to individuals in need of tires. To do so, sellers must first create an eBay seller account. A user can then create individual listings for the different tires she purchases, which can include both pictures and a written description of the tire's condition. Tires can be sold either through an auction model or a traditional direct-purchase method.

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