How Do You Pass Your Road Test?

pass-road-test Credit: elenaleonova/iStock / Getty Images Plus/Getty Images

In order to pass the road driving test, first get enough practice before taking the test. Then, follow all the rules, and drive correctly and safely. Be thorough on any theory question, and get familiar with the test routes around the test center.

Get enough practice so that every aspect of driving is almost second nature. Go driving with someone who is a good driver and who can calmly correct errors and answer questions. Treat every practice session as seriously as if it were the actual test. Practice and perfect all the standard maneuvers, such as steering, accelerating, stopping, applying brakes to slow down, turning, reversing, changing gears and parking in various ways. Learn to follow road signs and speed limits, how to get off at exits and how to handle the car in traffic jams and on slopes.

Before the test, it is important to practice using the same vehicle you plan to use for the test to allow for familiarity. Getting acquainted to the testing area helps in noting the speed limits, road signs and potential hazards. Asking someone who has taken the test before for advice and tips helps in preparing for what to expect. It is also crucial to inspect the car to make sure the lights, wipers, mirrors, wheels and other essential parts are in the right condition. Learning the Highway Code allows you to make calm, precise decisions during the test.

Be mentally prepared for every aspect of the test so that there are no nasty surprises on the actual day. Also read up on the names of each car part, its function and where it is located. Failing to answer a theory question is only a minor negative point, but it can undermine confidence and possibly lead to more problems. Get familiar with the roads around the test center, as these are most commonly used for the driving part of the road test.