What Are Some Parts on a Yamaha Carburetor Diagram?


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Parts on a Yamaha carburetor diagram include throttles, air jets, floats, and float chamber bodies and gaskets. A Yamaha carburetor diagram also includes washers, clips, flat head and drain screws, air adjusting springs and gaskets.

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Other parts include a main air bleed jet, needle valve, plate, plug and nozzle. Also available are carburetor assembly parts 1, 2, and 3, which include all the pieces required to make each of the three main pieces in a carburetor. Yamaha Parts Catalog and Boats.net both contain a diagram of a carburetor and a complete or partial list of parts. Each part corresponds to a number on the diagram. The Yamaha Parts Catalog includes parts for the 150TXR 2006 and later models, and Boats.net contains a diagram for the 1994 200TLRS Yamaha Outboard carburetor.

Each website shows the quantity of each part needed for a repair or restoration of a carburetor. For example, a carburetor repair requires six needle valves and three float chamber gaskets. Other information available on each part includes the part catalog number. On Boats.net, clicking on the part name provides a list of models and components that use the part. Any part listed in red on Boats.com indicates a part suitable as a replacement for the original part.

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