How Do You Find Parts at Vehicle Scrap Yards?


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Find vehicle parts at a scrap yard by first choosing which type of scrap yard to deal with; you-pick or full-service. When buying from a you-pick scrap yard, bring a good selection of tools and wear protective or old clothing to minimize clothing damage and exposure to chemicals and fluids. Call ahead to full-service scrap yards and ask the customer service agent for the part or parts. Full-service yards pull the parts and prepare them for later pickup.

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Good tools to bring to a you-pick style scrap yard include a full socket set, allen wrenches, a pry bar, hammers and tin snips. Protect your hands and face with gloves and goggles, and be aware of your surroundings to minimize the risk of accidental injury. Scrap yards are often willing to negotiate on the prices of vehicle parts, whether they are picked by the customer or the scrap yard workers. Call ahead to see which yard offers the best price on a part to maximize savings. A full-service yard generally has higher fees compared to a you-pick style yard due to the work involved in pulling most in-demand parts.

Parts for the most common and popular models of vehicles make up the bulk of scrap yard inventory. Universal items such as hub caps, handles, windows, tires and seats are also available for fractions of their off-the-shelf prices.

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