What Parts Are Replaced When Rebuilding Tractor Engines?


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Parts that show signs of wear and tear, especially discoloration, melted aluminum and scrapes, should be replaced when rebuilding tractor engines. Examples of parts that can be replaced include the crankshaft, gaskets, oil filter, air filter and spark plugs.

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The first step is to study the machine’s service manual, as it is important to follow the manufacturer’s suggested steps for rebuilding and tuning the engine. Examine each part while disassembling a tractor engine; it helps to take down notes on the particular condition of each part or record the process with a video camera. Discoloration of an engine part typically occurs when heat warms the oil. Melted aluminum also usually sticks to other components.

After taking the engine apart, measure the parts that need replacement to determine the exact measurements of the new components to purchase. Tractor owners may also opt to bring these parts to a nearby machine shop for measuring and reconditioning. Machine shops usually advise on what type of piston and ring set to buy for the rebuilding process.

It is essential to find out the cause of engine failure to prevent the problem from recurring. If the rebuilding cost exceeds 50 percent of the cost of buying a new tractor engine, it is advisable to replace the entire engine instead of replacing parts.

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