How Do You Find Parts at Pull-A-Part Auto Salvage?

How Do You Find Parts at Pull-A-Part Auto Salvage?

Parts can be located at a Pull-A-Part auto salvage by visiting the website and selecting a location, vehicle make and model and choosing the "Parts Interchange" button. The Pull-A-Part website refreshes their database daily and organizes the parts by location so individuals can avoid digging through junkyards to find what they need.

The instructions below demonstrate how to locate parts at a Pull-A-Part auto salvage location by using their website. The website allows an individual to locate parts that are in stock and read for purchase at a Pull-A-Part auto salvage location near their home.

  1. Visit the Pull-A-Part website
  2. Visit the Pull-A-Part website to begin searching for available inventory.

  3. Select a location
  4. Use the drop-down box in the "Check Inventory" section to display available location options. Select a location by using the scroll bar and left-clicking the desired location.

  5. Select vehicle make
  6. In the second drop-down box select the vehicle make, such as Toyota, Porsche, Ford or Buick.

  7. Select model
  8. Once the make is selected, the third drop-down box offers the available models for that manufacture. Select the appropriate model to continue.

  9. Select in-stock options
  10. When looking at the model's available in the drop-down box, check for the asterisk to note the models that are in stock for the location selected.

  11. Locate parts or cars
  12. Click "Parts Interchange" to locate parts that offer a fit for the selected vehicle or "Find Cars" to locate salvage or used cars or sell.