How Do You Find Parts Numbers to Complete a Motorcraft Parts Lookup Online?

How Do You Find Parts Numbers to Complete a Motorcraft Parts Lookup Online?

Parts numbers are not required to complete a Motorcraft parts lookup online. The VIN or vehicle model are sufficient information to find the correct Motorcraft item on the Ford Parts website.

Ford part numbers are used to facilitate bulk supply of retailers and large dealership workshops. The numbers serve as an abbreviated item description when placing orders, searching inventories, making transactions or reading reports. Affiliated businesses already have the part numbers in a database, but they are not required to order Motorcraft parts.

The home page of the Motorcraft/Ford Parts website gives users the option of searching via part number, VIN or vehicle model and year of manufacture. Only one of these search parameters is required, so if the part number is not known, one of the other two options may be selected.

The VIN is a 17-character identification code located on the bottom corner of the car's windshield or on the pillar behind the driver's door. If a vehicle's year of manufacture is not known, it can be decoded from the tenth character of the VIN. Numbers one to nine represent years of manufacture 2001 to 2009, while letters A to F represent 2010 to 2015 and so on.

With either the VIN or Make/Model/Year fields completed, click Search Catalog to begin looking for parts. From the following page, search by category or keyword to find the required part for the vehicle type selected.