What Parts Are Included in Brake Line Kits?


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Parts included in brake line kits for disc/drum brakes are braided stainless flex lines, two rolls of 3/16-inch stainless steel brake line 20 feet long, two thru-frame fittings 3 inches long, two residual pressure valves, and assorted hardware and fittings. Mechanics must purchase fittings separately to connect the braided hose to the caliper because of the wide caliper assortment. To purchase the proper fittings, mechanics must have the correct caliper inlet size. Mechanics must purchase the appropriate brake hoses.

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A two-line cruiser brake line kit includes stainless steel braided hose that is clear-coated and has chrome fittings. The hose features a polytetrafluoroethylene liner and braided cover res. The PTFE liner creates a strong corrosion-resistant plastic and steel piping system to transport the brake fluid. The kit enables mechanics to bypass the junction and route the brake hose to the brake caliper directly from the brake master cylinder.

Replacing brake lines is an important part of maintaining a motor vehicle that people often overlook. Rust can develop in brake lines, contaminate the brake fluid, and damage the calipers or master cylinder rubber seals. Age can cause rubber brake lines to collapse, and metal ones can collapse upon impact. Experiencing pulling when braking is a common sign of brake line collapse. Under such conditions, a driver should have a mechanic inspect the vehicle's hoses and lines and replace them if necessary.

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