How Do You Participate in a Copart Car Auction?


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Copart vehicle auctions are held both in online auction houses and at real-world locations which can be found through the site's auction locator utility, allowing them to find out when auctions will be held and where they will take place. These two services make it easy for bidders to find an auction in which to participate at almost any time.

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The auction locator is an interactive calendar which shows when auctions will begin and where, physically, they will be held. Some such auctions are also accessible via online participation, while some are limited to real-world participation and do not accept bids over the phone or via the Internet.

Online auctions are hosted in virtual auction houses, ordered chat rooms where users can register bids through an auctioneer. Given items are sold in sequences as in a normal auction. Bidders must register contact information and a valid form of payment in order to participate in any given online auction.

The site also gives users a chance to list vehicles for sale or as part of an auction. This entails contacting the site with sale details and waiting for a staff response to see whether or not the vehicle will be accepted and listed as an item in an upcoming auction.

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