Who Paints Pinstripes on Vehicles?


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The owner of a vehicle may choose to paint pinstripes on it. Certain retailers, such as Eastwood.com, provide vehicle owners with kits to paint their vehicles.

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Pinstriping a vehicle involves painting said vehicle with stripes, usually to satisfy the owner's own unique taste. Due to this, pinstriping a vehicle is usually done by the owner of the vehicle. However, kits and products, such as the ones on Eastwood.com, can help vehicle owners to paint their vehicles more easily.

Eastwood.com provides vehicle owners with pinstriping tape, helping them to easy pinstripe their vehicles. In addition to this, they also produce a complete line of professional pinstriping brushes, paints and accessories. These products come from reputable manufacturers such as Kafka, Mack, Beugler and 1-Shot.

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