How Does Paintless Dent Repair Work?


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Paintless dent repair works by pressing the dented metal back into its normal shape by working from the unfinished side of the metal while applying a second tool to the outside of the car. The process requires specialized tools and a skilled individual to do the work. Typically, companies offer this service at about one-third of the cost of a painted repair.

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How Does Paintless Dent Repair Work?
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Paintless dent repair has some limitations. It works best on small dents. Damage that involves the car frame or that causes holes or tears in the metal is not a candidate for this type of service. The results vary, even when the same repairperson does the work.

Most repairs take only a few minutes, resulting in a lower cost. While repairs are cosmetically perfect, repairing a dent in this method does not restore the strength lost when the dent occurs. A subsequent accident in the same area often results in more damage than if the owner had had a traditional body shop do the repair work.

Although kits are available for the vehicle owner to handle the repair, most of the tools involved are inferior to those a professional uses. Even if the owner buys a set of professional tools, success in the project requires a skill that most laymen do not have.

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