How Do You Paint a Motorcycle?


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To paint a motorcycle, sand it, degrease it, prime it, sand it again, paint it, seal it, and buff it. This process takes at least eight hours and requires rubber gloves, a cone mask, sheets of clear plastic, fans, duct tape, sandpaper, degreaser, paper towels, filler putty, buffing compound, a buffing machine, paint guns, a compressor, primer, paint and a clear topcoat .

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  1. Prepare the work area

    Tape sheets of clear plastic over the walls of your garage, and open all of the windows. Set electric fans in each window, facing out. Secure the fans' electrical cords with duct tape.

  2. Sand the motorcycle

    Put on rubber gloves and a cone mask, and turn on the fans. Remove the old paint and varnish with sandpaper. Pour degreaser on a wad of paper towels, and wipe the sanded surfaces.

  3. Apply filler putty

    Spread filler putty over the sanded surfaces, concentrating on gouges, scratches and other depressions. Dry the putty according to the manufacturer's instructions, sand it lightly, and apply a second coat.

  4. Prime the motorcycle

    Load a paint gun with primer, and apply one coat. When it dries, rub the primer with fine sandpaper, and apply a second coat. Sand the second coat once it dries.

  5. Apply paint and a clear topcoat

    Load the other paint gun with paint. Apply it according to the manufacturer's instructions, let it dry, and sand it lightly. Fill the paint gun with a clear topcoat, and apply one coat. Sand the dry topcoat with medium-grain wet sandpaper, then apply a second coat. Sand the second coat with fine-grained wet sandpaper. Apply a third coat, and sand it with very fine wet sandpaper.

  6. Polish the motorcycle

    Spread buffing compound over the freshly-painted surfaces, and buff them with an electric buffer. Wipe the motorcycle with a paper towel to remove excess buffing compound.

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